Thursday, December 8, 2022

How to sell your Infosys stocks through buyback?



When a company decides to repurchase it's stocks from the investors it announces a Buyback Program.


Basically a company announces a buyback to boost the value of an under valued stock. And to reward it's investors.


Buyback is basically of two major types ( though there are other options) 
Tender Offer and Open Market offer. A tender offer has a fixed price at which each shareholder can participate, but that is not the case in the open market route. A company may declare a maximum price for an open market buyback, but that does not mean that each investor will get the same price as buying happens in tranches at varying prices.

Infosys Buyback:

In October 2022, Infosys announced it's buyback program and conducted a Voting in November. As most of the investors voted to conduct the buyback it commenced the Buyback Program on December 7th.

How to Sell your stocks through Infosys Buyback:

As infosys buyback is through Open Market, you don't need to do much.
As per ICICI Securities: 

Since the buyback is of the Open market there is no special participation required. Any equity shareholder holding the shares in Demat form can participate in the buyback offer through their stockbroker.
The shareholder needs to inform their broker on the details of the Equity shares they wish to sell. The broker will place a sell order whenever the company places a buy order for the buyback. The trade would get executed at the offer price or lesser only when the price offered by the shareholder matches with the buy order placed by the company. 

Infosys Buyback!

Happy Investing!

Disclaimer : I'm not SEBI registered.. Contents are for educational purposes only.

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